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Bernosky, M. Kindergarten
Borden, J. Kindergarten
Frushon, J. Kindergarten
Kaminsky, N. Kindergarten
Potts, A. Kindergarten
Smith, J. Kindergarten
Tarantelli, A. Kindergarten

First Grade
Bisco, S. First Grade
Bridy, J. First Grade
Burns, S. First Grade
Cooper, C. First Grade
Dennis, D. First Grade
Piatt, C. First Grade
Wiscount, J. First Grade

Second Grade
Bell, J. Second Grade
Corinchock, L. Second Grade
Dinich, V. Second Grade
Markiewicz, L. Second Grade
McCabe, A. Second Grade
Rau, J. Second Grade
Schalles, A. Second Grade

Third Grade
Adams, D. Third Grade
Laudeman, K. Third Grade
Lynch, T. Third Grade
Selgrade, S. Third Grade
Shadle, J. Third Grade
Smith, M. Third Grade

Fourth Grade
Burda, K. Fourth Grade
Fey, T. Fourth Grade
Herring, K. Fourth Grade
Leibig, R. Fourth Grade
Nestor, N. Fourth Grade
Reinoehl, A. Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade
Connors, K. Fifth Grade
Houser, S. Fifth Grade
Kempsey, A. Fifth Grade
Malick, G. Fifth Grade
Walsh, J. Fifth Grade
Wolfe, B. Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade
Bound, L. Sixth Grade
Hysock, T. Sixth Grade
Kessler, J. Sixth Grade
Leibensperger, M. Sixth Grade
Ney, B. Sixth Grade
Trezise, M. Sixth Grade

Specials, Reading, Title I, Etc
Barket, A. Learning Support
Brill, C. Physical Education
Brobst, A. Emotional Support
Demsko, D. Librarian
Glessner, C. Computer Education
Groody, K. Gifted Coordinator, K-12 /IST
Hine, K. Life Skills
Kergick, D. Learning Support
Kraft, J. Computer Education
McDonald, M. Art
O'Prey, J. Learning Support
Pasco, R. Art
Schwartz, M. Music
Smith, B. Physical Education
Tenaglia, M. Learning Support
Welker, D. Learning Support
Wilinsky, S. Learning Support
Woodring, S. Learning Support


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