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Staff Member Library
David, B. Librarian

Staff Member English
Anderson, R. English
Callahan, T. English
Frank, H. English
Holman, T. English
Hoppel, J. English
Leib, B. English
Lucas, H. English
Markiewicz, L. English
Rice, C. English
Smith, S. English
Wagner, J. English

Staff Member Mathematics
Blozousky, R. Mathematics
Briggs, F. Mathematics
Briggs, L. Mathematics
Flynn, J. Mathematics
Geiswhite, M. Mathematics
Rakowsky, J. Mathematics
Rex, J. Mathematics
Yutko, A. Mathematics

Staff Member Science
Boyer, K. Science
Hampton, N. Science
Harris, R. Science
McGurl, R. Science
Sausser, T. Science
Slotterback, J. Science
Sugrue, M. Science
Terry, B. Science
White, S. Science

Staff Member Social Studies
Cuthie, J. Social Studies
Darrah, J. Social Studies
Dougherty-Wade, P. Social Studies
Wartman, T. Social Studies
White, S. Social Studies
Wislosky, M Social Studies
Wyatt, J. Social Studies

Staff Member Business Education
Gober, R. Business Education/Computers
Kolva, L. Business Education/Computers
Misiewicz, M. Business Education/Computers

Staff Member Foreign Language
Furman, L. Foreign Language - Spanish
Miller, D. Foreign Language - German
Moyer, D. Foreign Language - Spanish

Staff Member Arts
Colihan, M. Practical Arts
Hampton, K. Fine Arts
Kline, B. Fine Arts/Music
Price, J. Fine Arts
Scheib, K. Industrial Arts
Snyder, J. Industrial Arts
Stone, K. Industrial Arts
Tenaglia, M. Fine Arts/Band

Staff Member Physical Education & Health
Gibbons, S. Physical Education
Minalda, L. Physical Education
Rogers, K. Physical Education
Snyder, P. Physical Education
Wartella, J. Physical Education

Staff Member Special Education
Beckett, K. Learning Support
Brayford, N. Learning Support
Brodhead, A. Learning Support
Edling, D Learning Support
Forney, A. Emotional Support
Gatley, J. Itinerant Support
Greblick, C. Emotional Support
Groody, K. Gifted Coordinator, K-12 /IST
Jacavage, J. Learning Support
Kunkel, M. Learning Support
Legutko, R. Learning Support
Maziekas, A. Lifeskills Support
Subick, A. Learning Support
Ulceski, L. Learning Support
Weist, L. Learning Support
Wetzel, R. Emotional Support


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